The4thReich Because History Always Repeats.

However it has been a long time in the rebuilding of the Reich. So you understand you will never see it clearly or someone standing up declaring they are the leader of the Reich. I have given a label to the police, sheriffs, lawyers, judges, elected people and politicians who are corrupted by The4thReich business model. But who is to decide who should be on the list? I am working on this issue. However right now I am seeing a business model that is clear and transparent at the same time. The professionals I have listed have all been given notice to clean up there business. They have forced me to build a system to protect myself from the tyranny of The4thReich. Because of events I see the deterioration of the legal system as well as how The4thReach is controlling money and power. The United States Constitution is no longer being honored, served and protected. The people I have listed have clearly violated my constitutional rights to a fair trail and public defenders. The politicians and professional that are in charge of the professional have all closed there eyes and ears. This is The4thReich NAZI SS business model.

Test will it save