“We The People” VS NAZI (S)

"We The People" Around The World Need To Take Control Of "We The Government"!

Donald Trump Love Him Or Hate Him?

America Is Under Attack!

The4thReich – Taking Control Of America, The World…

Love him or hate him? But understand that Donald Trump represents the Constitution and his rights under the Constitution. If Donald Trump falls so does United States. You will be subject to public servants who serve The4thReich knowingly or unknowingly. This is not about Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels a Hooker who was not charged with solicitation or extortion for solicitation. Look at how your foundation of the Constitution is being eroded. You are the enemy in the eyes of public servants. You will be commanded to submit to the power of The4thReich. The4thReich is representing its silent power around the world by destroying President Donald Trump and the Constitution. What is happening in Donald Trump’s court action happens at the lowest level of courts “Small Claims’, Civil Courts and District Court cases. Russell Martin discovered this NAZI business model during legal attacks of the Nevada State police and legal system. Soon Nevada Superior and Federal courts will be disclosed after Russell Martin continues his legal objectives to expose the criminal path of social control and corruption. The trickle down of corrupt leadership is progressive by nature of creating power though payrolls to the individuals serving as public servants. “Russell Martin Las Vegas” The legal actions that happened to Russell Martin will clearly and transparently represent what is happening to Donald Trump at the highest levels of the United States Courts. Control of United States is no longer in the hands of the Constitution “We The People”. To save America and leadership around The World “We The People” need to remove public servants who are following the leadership of The4thReich.

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World War 3

World War 3 will not be conducted with traditional military actions of tanks, guns and dominance of the skys. The United States is being taken over and controlled from within by a lack of judicial and political allegiance to the constitution  Public servants, government individuals are being purchased with high payrolls, etc. They possess no fear of loss for following the leadership of The4thReich. Judicial Immunity protects their progressive criminal action and allegiance as a public servant. More important is the fact that justice is being delivered without the name of the controlling individual(s).  Impowered people are refusing to give their name.  See Russell Martin legal actions. The only tools that “We The People” have is the internet and boycotts. Once America and people around the world lose the ability to communicate to unite over the internet our freedom as individuals is gone. Register and become active as a Patriot of “We The People”.

“We The People”

LivRight is a database for “We The People” a system of shinning the light on nefarious public servants, voting on their conduct, and removing them from public service. These individuals have no fear of loss. They are controlled and driven by income; a need to support their family at the expense of another individual and his family. The4thReich is a business model buying public servants allegiance throughout governments with money from the Federal Reserve. Look closely at your Democratic Party and Rhino’s. The4thReich (Who Are They) is sending a message around the world using Donald Trump as an example of their power. A message is being sent to public servants you are the power and “You Are Protected” by Judical Immunity. FYI – It is getting to the point that the public servants do not want to disclose who they are (Name & Title). Read More – Commission For Judicial Discipline & Federal Bureau Investigations Police Internal Affairs Nevada and other disclosures.

World Justice League are legal professionals from outside of America’s criminal legal monopoly business model (The4thReich) that controls our attorney’s and judges. The point is that a lawyer goes to school for years and discovers as a licensed professional he cannot practice law as intended by the Constitution of the United States. They are  controled by a higher secret authority that is obvious in Russell Martin’s case as well as Donald Trump. The power of this secret authority is taking control of America. Donald Trump is an example at the highest level of Supreme Courts. If you are a Patriot of America you need to unite with LivRight to protect the rights of “We The People”..

It Is Your Civic Duty To Take Action To Protect America.

10 Million People In America Are Arrested Every Year. When will you be arrested? How Many Individual Plead Guilty Just To Stop The Financial Bleeding.

World Justic League DO NOT - Allow These Nefarious Professionals In Your Court or Government.

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